Monday, November 19, 2007

Stiffed in Santa Fe: Mission Statement

November 19, 2007

Is it just my imagination or do people in this town think it's just OKAY not to pay people?

We've all had at least one story where someone tried (and probably succeeded) in stiffing us out of dough we were owed. This is probably particularly the case if you're a freelancer. I am a freelance writer and I've decided I'm going to get screwed without a fight for the very last time. I'm going to do a couple of things.

First, I'm writing a new contract for myself. I've decided I'm going to WORK ON MY OWN TERMS or I'm going to sit at home with my thumb in my bum watching videos. Hey - it beats the piss out of working hard and then being furious when you don't get paid. No more work on a handshake. No more trusting ANYONE. (Sorry old clients - you'll get one of these too, but if you want me, you'll sign it and if you won't, you can hire some other schmuck who wants to get screwed. It ain't me, babe - no more.) It will be draconian. It will be the work of a regular white man who's never stared into the abyss and seen the infinity of interconnection. It will have retainers and no net. That's right. No net. You want my work? I won't float you, big company or individual proprietor. When was the last time Trader Joe's floated me on a loaf of bread? Answer: NEVER. So why should I float someone who wants what I have to offer?

Second, I'm starting this blog. Here, I will name names. I will talk about the companies and the individuals that have screwed me in the past, and I will also talk about the ones that try to screw me in the future. I am also inviting others - go ahead, take a chance, name that no-good client who screwed you out of dough when you worked so freakin' hard on that project - to submit their experiences and to name names. It has to happen. We have to inform each other of who's stiffing who, so maybe we'll also get less stiffed in the future.

- gregoryp(tm)
Gregory Pleshaw

ps: Future employers - scared to hire such a hothead? Fine. I don't need you. My work is solid and I'm a righteous guy. Until I don't get paid. When I get paid, I am happy. But if you want to sucker me, then go find someone else to write your stuff. I'd rather stay at home and work on my own damn projects.

As those who follow me know, this isn't the first time I've written about people who don't pay. I believe that the last time I helped Take Down a Company Completely. Yes, Virginia, Gary Farmer Gallery is closed now. If you'd prefer not to see yourself or your company profiled in this blog, DO NOT STIFF PEOPLE. It makes it just that much harder for anyone to be in love with the world.

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