Monday, November 19, 2007

Stiffed in Santa Fe: The Brown Cow Saddle Blanket Co.

Name of company: The Brown Cow Saddle Blanket Co.

Nature of project: I was asked to write a company bio about this company and its proprietor, Tina Bergh. Tina makes beautiful blankets, tapestries, weavings and other fabric-art projects at her gorgeous studio in Arroyo Hondo. There, at least a half a million dollars worth of looms (all eleven of them, including a state of the art Jocquard) make up her successful one-woman enterprise. She also has an outlet store inside the Tropic of Capricorn on Old Las Vegas Highway. She also stiffed me on the fabulous bio I wrote for her which she praised to the skies - but she didn't pay me.

I didn't get a contract signed. Silly me. I did the deal on a handshake because she was referred by someone I trusted. Silly me, trusting anyone at any time over anything regarding money. Since September 21st, I have watched my mailbox with a mix of anticipation and dread. She hasn't paid. I've invoiced twice. She hasn't paid me. I called the friend who referred her - he called her and was told "she's in Paris" and it was uncertain when she would return. A monumental excuse to avoid paying a bill. I ate my indignation for two weeks and then popped a gasket. I created a blog in her honor. I wrote a new contract dedicated to her sloth in paying a bill. As a result, I will never forget her.

Amount Stiffed: $500. (A small amount to pay to avoid ending up on someone's blog as a deadbeat, don'tcha think?)

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